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  • Persönliche Informationen
Nickname: ReDBuLL Clanmitglied
Status: offline
Benutzertitel: Rank 5
Kontakt: keine Angabe
Webseite: keine Angabe
Name: Pierre Legendary
Geschlecht: männlich
Alter: 10.08.1994 (22 Jahre)
Ort: France Paris
Registriert seit: 29.11.2011 - 19:58
Letzte Anmeldung: 09.08.2013 - 18:52

  • Über mich
My history : I started ac in november 2008, the first map I played was ezjmevill and my name Wearpon. In december 2008 I joined a clan called AssaultCube Player (AcP), the leaders were montana and titanium, there I met good player like ronald aka monster, COOL aka swarmed or NBA aka stoune, dextram...

AcP died 1 month later , a team called FrenchOne (*F]1#), created by Missionary (aka. Vanguard), virtual’X (aka. AtomikK) & L0rdzZ, invited me. So I joined them with ronald , but 2 month later i got blacklisted by {TyD}Clown for admin abuse; and because I tried to evad my ban, All F]1 was blacklisted. So, I left F]1, changed my name in Bl@st and joined the cubers society (.cS”|*). I played there with strong players, and improved. One day, ech0 saw me play and invited me in Redemption Gam!ng (.rG!|), but all my mates in F]1 wanted me to come back, so I left .rG!| for go back in F]1. But 2 weeks later, F]1 died. So once more, I changed my name to Sh4ft* , ech0 and France DarKnoT wanted me to join .rG!| again. But brett wanted a “clean” clan so he told {TyD}Clown who i really was. 2 weeks later, .rG!| died. Then, I tried to play ac without problem but {TyD}’s didn’t want. So one more time, Il changed my name to |DrEaM| to join .cS”|*. But Brett, whom joined {TyD} knew who I was, so he told me to leave .cS”|*, otherwise he would blacklist the whole team. So I stopped AC.

I couldn’t find a clan which perfectly fitted me because of my ban, nonetheless I came back in September 2009. The team Legendary Cubers (|#LC*|) was already born, created by Elite, Germany Benson and France Vanguard (aka. Missionary) , they invited me in LC, my name was ReDBuLL. I played with great players and for me, LC was more than a team, it was a big family! There I old friend again, Monster (aka. Ronald) my first friend in AcP , France Vanguard (aka. Missionary) big friend I love him <3 . Austria Elite good guy good skills, I love him too especially when he rage amused, he was the best player in 1v1 with ot4ku. Germany Benson a strong sniper , Germany Horus probably my best friend in this game at this moment. I played so much game with him, for example against ANGRA 5(ramb0 <3). He was the best player in Legendary cubers, he was a legend . Some other players were : goku nice guy, sickbuddy nice drunk guy, yoursister our trial player <3 , 4v3nger (aka. Atomic) our sniper, dam who is the first player recruited by myself, he was fr#ag and he got good skills so I asked him if he want to apply in LC, and he did. See now how he is strong , probably our second best player in this team! LC was probably the best team at this time with ANGRA & OnLy in april 2010, but some players started to be MIA, like our leaders, France Vanguard & Elite, who started to play Black Ops. The clan became inactive and died, after less than 1 year fragging..

Shortly after, my pc crashed. I’m happy to announce you that I have one of the worst pc of ac, ever (less than 50 fps & lags…), I always wanted to kick my pc! My first weapon in this game was the SMG, I can say I got a great SMG. My sniper was also strong, and a lots of players wanted to ban me, thinking I hack smiling.

1 year and a half later, in september 2011, my computer was back and me too ! i also asked Sw@rm3D (aka. COOL in AcP) if i can join Xtrem Warriors –xW-# to train because I was totally a noob, I'm still but less . I called one my best friend in this game France Vanguard , he joined me in xW in november 2011 and we started fragging together like in old times. Nonetheless, we knew that we both wanted to the thing : LC back. So we asked Elite, and ftw he agreed with us. LEGENDARY CUBERS WERE BACK! Snowman & Germany Robtics joined us the first days without application. Then it was France DarKnoT turn, m@C and mati (kurwa ftw!!), Finland Pweaks and Tib0 who was .cS”| in the old version.
Now we are
waiting to get a good teamwork and better skills, but except us guys !


"Homer-J": i thought that you were all monsters
"Homer-J": one day i played against you and redbull with pakit
"Homer-J": in depot
"Homer-J": and redbull was headshotting me everytime
"Homer-J": and i thought he was an asshole, because he told me that he could headshot me so easily
"Homer-J": aahha
"Vanguard": perfectly fit, red is an asshole
"ReDBuLL": i'm awesome

  • Clan / Ausstattung
Clan: keine Angabe
(Seite: keine Angabe)
IRC Kanal: keine Angabe
Clangeschichte: AcP,F]1,rG,cS,LC,xW,LC.
Prozessor: Elite
Mainboard: Vanguard
Arbeitsspeicher: Horus
Monitor: dam
Grafikkarte: Monster
Soundkarte: Macadress
I-Verbindung: wtf
Tastatur: hp?
Maus: hacK?
Mausunterlage: noob
  • Benutzerbild:

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United Kingdom Shield 1739d16h2m offline
Poland Mati 1761d9h56m offline
Poland maC 1774d6h12m offline
Japan Pyr@s 1781d10h7m offline

  • Statistik
Forumthemen: 31
Neuigkeiten: 5
Neuigkeitenkommentare: 2
Forumbeiträge: 375
Clanwarkommentare: 93
Artikelkommentare: 0
Demokommentare: 0
Nachrichtensystem (Eingang): 176
Nachrichtensystem (Ausgang): 5
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